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PSH aims to be a top Thai diversified property company that delivers end-to-end modern urban lifestyles to customers.
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The Board of Directors of Pruksa Real Estate Public Company Limited passed the resolution to propose the restructuring plan and establishing a holding company under the name Pruksa Holding Public Company Limited (the “Holding Company”).

In this regard, the holding company’s common stocks will be registered in the Stock Exchange of Thailand and the Company’s stocks will be delisted. It has been anticipated that the restructuring will be completed within November 2016, with the details demonstrated in the diagram below.

Objectives of Establishing a Holding Company

To increase flexibility to expand the business and facilitate strategic partnership with partners who have expertise in each particular area. The holding company structure will make it easier for the Company to form joint ventures or strategic alliances with partners who have expertise in each particular business In the future, as illustrated in the 3 diagram below. The increased opportunity to expand into new businesses will lead to greater competitiveness and higher return to shareholders.

To limit and manage business risks.

To increase effectiveness and flexibility of the Company’s management structure to better suit business operations in the future.

The objectives are in accordance with the Company’s 5-year strategic plan, as follows:

Maintain leadership in residential real estate market for low to middle income customers (Value Segment);

Increase the Company’s market share in residential real estate market for high income customers (Premium Segment); and

Explore new business opportunities with a focus on business that can generate stable and sustainable recurring income (Recurring Income).

This organizational restructuring is considered a means of preparation for Pruksa Group’s stable and sustainable growth, elevating the Company’s effectiveness and agility as a whole, both for the real estate development business and new business that Pruksa Holding is going to bring about in the future.

Vision, Mission, Core Value & Strategy


PSH aims to be a top Thai diversified property company that delivers end-to-end modern urban lifestyles to customers.


We will help our customers fulfill their dreams by delivering a happy and modern lifestyle for the entire family.

Core Value
  1. Customer Focus
  2. Creative Innovation
  3. Collaboration
  4. Discipline
  5. Ethics
  1. Grow core residential real estate business by expanding to new income Segments
  2. Build new businesses to provide stable recurring income
  3. Build synergized businesses related to real estate to strengthen brand and customer satisfaction
  4. Establish a ‘second home’ for residential real estate business internationally
  5. Develop a sustainable and professional organization

Nature of Business

Pruksa Holding Company has the initial registered capital amount to Bt10,000 (10,000 share at par value Bt1).The core business of Pruksa Holding is the investment in companies which invest in property developing business and recurring income business. The recurring income business is subject to invest in property developing business or non-related property developing business. After a tender process, the Holding Company invests in property developing business not less than 75% of its total assets. Apart from property development, the company does not operate other core business .Before a tender offer, the Holding Company does not invest in other companies. After its restructuring, mainly businesses of Pruksa Holding Company are as follow;

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  1. To Invest in subsidiaries and/or investment of associates
  2. To Seek the financial fund for a group company
  3. To Invest in non-related businesses of the Holding Company for liquidity and excess return
  4. To operate supports to a group company

Business Structure

Organization Chart

As of March 16, 2016 the Company’s management structure consists of the Board of Directors, sub-committees and the Executive Management team.

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Corporate Identity

PRUKSA HOLDING Brand Mark Concept

This particular brand mark has been designed to reflect characteristics, images, way of thinking and core operating principles that convey brand images, vision and other components that form the "Pruksa Holding" which is aligned across all areas of operations.

In this regard, the design of this brand mark was adapted from the shape derived from the combination and integration of international artistic components which reflect the being of “PRUKSA HOLDING” in different perspectives; through the blossoming leaves, budding from the tip of the stem. This signifies the beginning of lives; reiterating the fact that the Company’s business is related to living and accommodations.

The shape of the roof is reflective of warmth, safety and lives under the roof of a strong and reliable house.

Meanwhile, the shape of growth and development reflect the Company’s and customers’ growth and happiness that are increasing all the time.

betterment, increasing
growth, fresh

Major standard colors of the brand mark are bright green and dark red. The bright green color reflects the Company’s name and its objective in operating the business to provide meaningful lives to those involved. The dark red color signifies the Company’s and employees’ spirit and enthusiasm in operating the business with earnestness and honesty.

All in all, this brand mark aims to convey modernity and brightness of lives, as well as development and growth in every aspect, determination to success both for the management of the organization and employees to deliver the best quality to all stakeholders.