PSH aims to be a top Thai diversified property company that delivers end-to-end modern urban lifestyles to customers.

CSR Policy

Pruksa Holding Public Company Limited (the Company) and its subsidiaries operate business with an aim to achieve steady growth, creating satisf action to all groups of stakeholders, together with responsibility to society, focusing on support to education and youth development, society and the environment, and religion, arts and culture.

With awareness of the importance of responsibility to society and the environment, the Company has corporate social responsibility (CSR) and anti-corruption policies, with eight principles being established, i.e., fair business operations, anti-corruption practices, respect for human rights, fair treatment of labor, responsibility to consumers, caring for the environment, cooperation on community or social development, and innovation creation and dissemination of innovations which are acquired from business operations with responsibility to society, the environment and stakeholders.

CSR Activities

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The Company has emphasized on social and community nearby with its well awareness of being a part in the community and moving together for further social sustainability development. The Company thus has continuously organized social activities in parallel with business operation under Pruksa CSR Policy