Pruksa through the 27 years of operation, we have always been caring for quality of life and well-being, caring for the environmental impact and caring and providing good opportunities for the society.

In 2020, people all over the world including Thailand were affected by the COVID-19 pandemic caused significant changes to society and created the “New Normal” ways of life. All of us have to adapt to these changes. At Pruksa, we have reformed our strategies and operations to cope with emerging risks and new global trends.

However, through the 27 years of operation, we have always been caring for quality of life and well-being. In the COVID-19 crisis this year, as an expert in healthcare, we provided support to society by initiating a COVID-19 Hotline Center at the Baan Mhor ViMUT Clinic of ViMUT International Hospital, one of Pruksa’s Group. In line with the Hospital’s intention to promote good health among Thais, the Center provides consultation on COVID-19 for our employees and Thai people countrywide as part of the fight against the spread of the disease. Apart from that, we also provided alcohol gel for the blinds, and arranged for vaccination against 4 types of influenza viruses spreading in 2020 to Phayathai District’s waste collectors and street sweepers who were highly exposed to infection due to their working environment. The vaccinations were arranged by a team of doctors and nurses from Baan Mhor ViMUT Clinic of ViMUT International Hospital.

In addition to the above activities, Pruksa has set an important goal of Sustainability Development in caring for the environmental impact. Pruksa’s Real Estate focuses on developing residences to raise the quality of life of Thai people. We place the importance to promote communities to live together by caring for the environment. By initiating the Project called “Recycle for Better Life”, we encouraged Pruksa residents and nearby communities to donate recyclable wastes for giving to the deprived people so that resources are used to the fullest benefits. The pilot project took place at the Baan Pruksa 111 Rangsit-Bangpoon 2. The initiative was also extended to connect with the “WON Project”. Piloted in Plum Condo, Chaeng Wattana Station 1-3; Plum Condo Mix Chaengwattana, The Plant Elite Pattanakarn and The Connect Pattanakarn 38, our residents were motivated to separate plastic wastes for recycling. Moreover, the Project called “Caring House for People with Disabilities by Pruksa” was continued for a second consecutive year. The project focused on building and renovating houses for the disabled in cooperation with communities in Khon Kaen Province. It is one of the activities under our Sustainable Development Roadmap on caring and providing good opportunities for the society. The project aimed at rehabilitating the livelihood of the disabled, both physically and mentally, so that they would be more self-sufficient and enjoy a better quality of life in a sustainable manner.

From our continued determination in transparency, fairness, traceability, and good governance, we were granted the ASEAN CG Scorecard Award, as well as an Honorable Mention from the Office of the National Anti-Corruption Commission in its 9th NACC Integrity Awards presentation. Pruksa stipulates the anti-corruption policies and promoting the implementation of such policies throughout the organization in order that our executives and employees undertake their jobs with transparency and ethics, as well as responsibilities toward society. At the same time, Pruksa was also awarded from the Office of the Consumer Protection Board in honor of its devoted to consumer protection. Pruksa is the first and only property developer to receive such an award which clearly reflects its “Heart to Home” vision. Moreover, Pruksa was granted the Thailand Sustainability Investment 2020 (THSI) award from the Stock Exchange of Thailand for its sustainable operations, environmental and social awareness, and good governance. This is the fifth consecutive year that we receive such honor.

Last but not least, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all stakeholders, be they employees, executives, shareholders, customers, suppliers, relevant government agencies, the society, and communities, for their participation and support in this sustainable development.

Mr. Thongma Vijitpongpun
Chairman of the Executive Committee and Group Chief Executive Officer
Pruksa Holding Public Company Limited